Elizabeth and Joanna are NOT HELPFUL: Pretty Songs and Feminine Harms -- UPDATE: JULY 7, 7pm

We wanted to make music together...


We are

Elizabeth Inghram

and Joanna Parson. We’ve known each other for years as actresses and have long relied on each other for advice navigating our busy worlds in film and television. But until now, we’ve never worked together on our first love--musical theater.

When we decided to create a show together, we found we had similar ideas of what made our toes tap and our hearts swoon; we also found that a lot of the material we most love rings a bit differently to today’s ears. From the point of view of evolved women, most of the material is... not helpful.

From classic show tunes to pop songs and medleys-- what are the messages our favorite songs have been teaching us? And how can we fight the patriarchy with a trilling soprano and a bold lip?

We’re also thrilled to be joined by our main collaborator and musical director, Kyle Branzel. Lena Gilbert is helping with choreography and staging, and Mary Rodriguez (drums) and Sam McPherson (bass) join Kyle to form our band. And we had a blast on our photo shoot with the highly talented and generous actor and photographer Alberto Bonilla, not to mention graphics help from Ryan Blackwell.

We started a conversation, and now we want to share it with you. See you July 7 at 7pm!

xo Elizabeth and Joanna