Joanna Parson


Not Helpful 

Elizabeth Inghram and Joanna Parson star in “Not Helpful: pretty songs and feminine harms” a 60 minute cabaret act.

Joanna and Elizabeth share a love for all things music and musical theatre. However, they've found that a lot of the material they grew up with rings a bit differently to today’s ears. From the point of view of evolved women, most of it is…not helpful. From classic show tunes to pop songs and medleys – you might be shocked at what messages our favorite songs have been teaching us. Fighting the patriarchy with a trilling soprano and a bold lip, Elizabeth and Joanna started the conversation with each other and now want to share it with you!

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“A delightful exploration of the quite awful portrayals of women in pop culture, done with humor rather than venom and mixed with a fabulous theatrical sensibility, Not Helpful allowed Elizabeth Inghram and Joanna Parson to display their wide range of talents...” - Cabaret Scene

Joanna's Original Comedy Songs

Joanna has been performing original comedy at venues like Gotham Comedy Club, Caroline's Comedy Club, and LA's The Comedy Store, for over 15 years. Her songs have been recorded for public radio's The Next Big Thing, and she has been a lyricist/composer for theatrainplays through the Neighborhood Playhouse, and she hosted The Happy Hour Salon, a New York City variety show, for five years.

Check out her Youtube comedy playlist here.

“CABARET PICK: This cabaret newcomer with the very-alive eyes is a most happy find.” - The New York Post

“Feminist folk singer Joanna Parson was fantastic! I hate folk singers, but I love funny women, and Joanna Parson sings about the joys of getting with your cousin.” - The New York Waste

Lady Band

Joanna Parson and Liz Asti, along with friends Franca Vercelloni, Zakiya Young, Lauren Hooper and more, create three-minute a capella video shout outs to women we love. Click through and sign up for our tributes to Shonda Rhimes, Eleanor Roosevelt, and more!

Golden Possum

Joanna made her writing and directing filmmaking debut for Iron Mule's Short Comedy Film Festival. Given a suggested title and a randomly-chosen star, the delightful actress Katie Dallas, Golden Possum was made in one month and shown at the Alamo Draft House on May 9, 2018.

Reddy or Not

Joanna Parson and Lance Werth, along with director Joseph P. McDonnell, created a two-person musical comedy tribute to Helen Reddy and performed it for over three years. Joanna continued with a run in Los Angeles with the delightful Alex Boling playing the role of Lance.

Lance and Joanna were lucky enough to perform the show with Helen Reddy and her biggest fans together in the audience, as part of a celebration of Helen's Today show appearance with the publication of her book, The Woman I Am. Pretty much the best day in all showbiz, Joanna still prizes the photo of herself singing "I Am Woman" in a fifth grade talent show, now signed by Helen herself.

“Joanna and Lance (Werth) present a funny and clever show that had me weeping from laughter. Even those lines that were perfectly predictable had me falling off my seat! Both performers are cute and talented – and just slightly quirky, which adds to the fun of the show.” - Cabaret Hotline

“The fact that the twosome are gifted comic writers doesn’t hurt: Parson cheerfully relates how the denizens of her hometown ritualistically stone a girl straight out of Reddy’s ‘Angie Baby’; The duo are adorably silly and rarely less than hilarious, and the show is the most light-hearted frolic I can remember.” - HX Magazine