Joanna Parson


Joanna Parson knocks us out!
The main attraction, though, is Joanna Parson’s very funny rendering of Mrs. Cratchit...
— The New York Times
A cynical teacher, Ms. Passivo (Joanna Parson), has some news for them... For $15 not much more fun can be found in a theater these days.
— The New York Times
Joanna Parson is hilarious…
— The Atlanta Journal Constitution
Parson, whose features and lithe energy add to her stage presence, is multifaceted as the title creature.
— Dayton Daily News
Joanna Parson is especially good in the role of Stephanie... while she clings to hope, her eyes tell another story.
— Plattsburgh Press Republican
A delightful exploration of the quite awful portrayals of women in pop culture, done with humor rather than venom and mixed with a fabulous theatrical sensibility, Not Helpful allowed Elizabeth Inghram and Joanna Parson to display their wide range of talents...
— Cabaret Scene
CABARET PICK: This cabaret newcomer with the very-alive eyes is a most happy find.
— The New York Post
Feminist folk singer Joanna Parson was fantastic! I hate folk singers, but I love funny women, and Joanna Parson sings about the joys of getting with your cousin.
— The New York Waste
Joanna and Lance (Werth) present a funny and clever show that had me weeping from laughter. Even those lines that were perfectly predictable had me falling off my seat! Both performers are cute and talented – and just slightly quirky, which adds to the fun of the show.
— Cabaret Hotline
The fact that the twosome are gifted comic writers doesn’t hurt: Parson cheerfully relates how the denizens of her hometown ritualistically stone a girl straight out of Reddy’s ‘Angie Baby’; The duo are adorably silly and rarely less than hilarious, and the show is the most light-hearted frolic I can remember.
— HX Magazine