Wild Party with B-Side Productions, Sep 6-17

bside wild party

bside wild party

Tickets for "Wild Party" (SEPTEMBER 6 - 17 ONLY) available here:

https://www.artful.ly/store/events/9562Joanna is thrilled to be playing the part of Madelaine True in Michael John LaChiusa's "Wild Party", directed by Billy Bustamante, with a stellar cast and gorgeous score. And tickets will sell out for this limited run at the intimate Barrow Street Theatre (312 West 36th Street), so buy yours early and often at the link above.Michael John LaChiusa and George C. Wolfe’s gripping Tony-nominated musical, based on the scandalous 1928 poem of the same name by Joseph Moncure, follows the story of a reckless relationship between a Vaudeville clown and a chorine that spirals into the depths of despair as the night unfolds. The gin and jazz are flowing and no one is exactly what they seem.

the creative team

Music & Lyrics - Michael John LaChiusa

Book - George C. Wolfe and Michael John LaChiusa

Director - Billy Bustamante

Music Director - Addison Frei

Associate Director - Sarah Beth Pfeifer

the cast

Queenie - Jamey Hood

Burrs - Denis Lambert

Black - Ben Maters

Kate - Lauren Hooper

Gold - Greg Carter

Goldberg - Garth Kravits

Delores Montoya - Joan Barber

Madelaine True - Joanna Parson

Oscar D'Armano - Christopher George Patterson

Phil D'Armano - Kyle Garvin

Nadine - Sarah Smithton

Mae - Jodi Bluestein

Eddie Mackerel - Kyle Carter

Sally - Adrienne Tang

Jackie - Sam Edgerly