Next Happy Hour Salon TUESDAY, May [email protected]

We’re taking Monday off for Memorial Day, and busting out the Happy Hour Salon on a Tuesday this month. The Salon is New York City’s new works venue for a variety of genres, and we’re so excited to have some of our bestest most favorite performers (Becca Ayers!) coming in to work out new pieces, along with some newbies, some stories, some theatre– I can’t wait.

I’ll be performing a special excerpt from Theatre Askew’s project for this summer’s Antidepressant Festival at the Brick Theatre, with talented fellow cast members Tim Cusick and Deb Troche. Lyrics by Stan Richardson, music by Rachel Peters.

happy-hour-d-lounge favorite and rising novelist Ryan Britt (The Liar Show, the Moth) reads his witty best.

University of Michigan grad Olli Haaskivi and (youngest Glinda ever in “Wicked”) Erin Mackey will perform the music of rising star composer Adam Gwon (ORDINARY DAYS, Fred Ebb Award, many upcoming regional productions).

The lovely Kambri Crews soundly defeats the “but I don’t have anything to write about” memoirist’s quandary with her hilarious and poignant work-in-progress, “Love, Daddy– Letters and Stories from My Jailed Deaf Dad.”

The aforementioned Becca Ayers, who just returned from Dallas Theatre Center where she played the title role in the world-premiere of the full-length musical, “Sarah, Plain and Tall,” is a talented singer-songwriter and a cast member of the upcoming cast-written filmed musical “Clear Blue Tuesday”– we’re betting she sings some of those songs, but we’ll take whatever she decides to dish out.

$10 at the door, super-reasonable 2 drink minimum. 101 East 15th Street, just East of Union Square, NYC

So to reiterate, May 26th LINE-UP of new works:
Singer-Songwriter Becca Ayers
Writer-storyteller Ryan Britt
Olli Haaskivi and Erin Mackay perform Adam Gwon
Kambri Crews reads from “Love, Daddy”
Theatre Askew performs new work

The wrap-up of last month’s Salon will be coming soon, stay tuned!

See you on TUESDAY May 26th!


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