My filmmaking debut! “Golden Possum” at the Iron Mule Short Comedy Film Series

The Iron Mule Short Comedy Film Series set me on assignment and I couldn’t be more proud.

I had so much fun writing and directing “Golden Possum”, made in a month with the inspiration of a star and a suggested title, on my iPhone 6S. Please enjoy. (Six minutes 25 seconds.)

Starring Katie Dallas MayerCameron Aaron AsayBrook Packard, and Nadav Wiesel.

Special thanks to Iron Mule, Ed Krugman and Ethel Klein, Matt Mayer and Jay Miles.

And check out the schedule for next Iron Mule showings here. So inspirational.

Are you interested in making comedy videos? Tell me about your challenges and triumphs, I’d love to keep writing and chatting about what’s possible in the scrappy world of independent short films.


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