Lady Band Loves Shonda Rhimes; and what that has to do with me



(Shonda Rhimes)

Note: This is the origin story for Lady Band. To skip to our new Shonda Rhimes musical shout out, go to: Lady Band Shout-Out to Shonda Rhimes. Follow Lady Band on Twitter (@ladybandnyc) and Youtube (Ladybandnyc). And let us know who you want us to shout out to next! 


Shonda Rhimes is the creator of ScandalGrey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and now the upcoming How to Get Away With Murder. This fall, she will have a three-hour block of TV programming on ABC Thursday nights– which to my eyes, makes her not only one of the most powerful women in TV, but one of the most bad-ass women ever.

Fortunately, I have a way to express my non-stalker-y admiration for ladies I think the world ought to celebrate. Last year, dynamite singer/actress Liz Asti approached me and the sublime singer/actress/Marie’s Crisis pianist Franca Vercelloni. “Let’s work together for fun!” she said. “I want to sing with you!”



So Franca (center), Liz (right) and I took a look at our combined schedules, threw up in our mouths a little bit, and realized if we wanted to work together, it would need to be squeezed in among our other obligations-slash-joyful-artistic-commitments.  And we knew it had to be something we cared about. And I mean really cared about. Like, “mission-critical, this aligns with the reason I am living,” cared.

Basically, we came up with the idea for Lady Band for the following reasons:

1) We love each other.

2) We love inspirational women.

3) We want all women– our friends and people we don’t know– to become more aware of what is possible in this world. To become more aware of each other. And to celebrate the shit out of that.

4) We’re really good at writing, arranging, and singing two-minute a cappella songlets.


And so Lady Band, the world’s foremost creator of three-voice a cappella video shout-outs to bad-ass women, was born. We’ve got more in the hopper, and you can see our videos to Holland Taylor and Cyndi Lauper on Youtube already.

But today, the day after the 2014 Emmy’s, I present to you our latest creation: Lady Band’s musical shout out to The Great Shonda Rhimes!



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