Reset Your Life: Growing Curls after Chemo

I wrote something for the fabulous web site,, and they made me their #resetambassador of the day. Check it out!

Remember: we are all resilient as hell. I wish for you health and happiness in 2018! (And for me, the RLabel silk sweatshirt in grey, size medium.)

(photo credit Alari Koel, hair cut/color Jim Gaylord at Rizza Salon)


My Life Has Given Me Curls

Law and Order: SVU co-star, Photo shoot with Alari Koel and more

I’m having a wonderful fall. Just did an incredible photo shoot on the High Line with Alari Koel– thanks for capturing sides of me I didn’t even know I had, Alari!

Am continuing my run in the play “In Love With the Arrow Collar Man,” with two final performances, December 1st and 2nd at Theatre 80 St. Marks.

I just took a class with David Caparelliotis at One on One, and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. He is a wonderful teacher, and as a side benefit, he exposed the class to a lot of new or recent plays that I hadn’t read before. (Anyone doing Annie Baker’s “Body Awareness, give me a call.)

And finally, a few weeks ago I made that NYC actor dream come true– I shot an episode of Law and Order: SVU. Watch for Dr. Alexandra Levy on the episode “Pathological,” coming January 10th to NBC.


Lady Band: The Congressional Switchboard

We’ve come up with a tune to help you remember the number to the Congressional Switchboard. So you can always contact your elected representative, in case… you know… something is on your mind.

Today’s Lady Band brought to you by Joanna, Liz Asti, and the delightful NYC actress-singer Lauren Hooper.


Check it out here, or follow @ladybandnyc on Twitter or LadyBandNYC on Youtube.

The secret’s out– I’m writing a novel.

Here’s the blurb from my first novel. I promise plenty more info and pre-order links as soon as they’re available. And in case you’re wondering, this has been a crazy good time…

Coming soon:
Emily’s Tour Diary (and Other Tragedies of the Stage)
by Joanna Parson

256-page novel, New Adult fiction

When Emily gets cast in a musical’s national tour, her friends in NYC send her on her way with a brand new journal, a packet of stationery, and squeals of encouragement. She may not be sure she’s a natural fit for the job, but who could turn down a dream gig that any of her peers would kill for? And after 18 cities, 6 months, 2 torrid affairs, 1 near drug bust and thousands of audience members exploding into applause every night, what will it take for this 20-something theater girl to finally come into her own?

Emily’s Tour Diary (and Other Tragedies of the Stage) is a rock and roll, theatrical coming of age tale where a good girl learns where her edges are, one city at a time.


April 27, 2009 Happy Hour Salon line-up @ D-Lounge 7PM

We’ve got a great line-up for the second Salon at D-Lounge (101 E. 15th Street, just East of Union Square), this Monday at 7PM!


Dave Jay performs from JohnPaulGeorgeRingo, his smash hit Beatles solo show– come prepared to interact. This is your chance, hammy hams. Liverpool it up.

Michele Carlo gives us a slice of the storytelling that landed her her book deal: “Red Sheep: The Search for my Inner Latina”.


Maddy Mann, everyone’s favorite non-Catholic school girl who just likes the uniform, performs from her upcoming Terranova full-length solo show– rockin’ out with the tweens, yo.


And Ash Gray brings his ’60s and ’70s-style vocal pop from Austin, Texas, to us… with the help of his Girls.


Everybody loves D-Lounge, and I’m thrilled to be there– see you all on Monday.


Happy Hour Salon Wrap-up, March 30th

Aaah, so nice to be up late at night, once again pounding out a vaguely amusing Happy Hour Salon wrap-up so that people who managed to stay away from the event of the social season could, once again, feel they were there, and people who were there could remember who they left with. March 30th was no exception to the seasons-long tradition of excellent talent and desirous glances, from on stage to off– people, mark your calendars for the next Salon on April 27th. And follow me, to a time not long ago…

NOT Actually taken at the Happy Hour Salon-- but I swear, we'll sneak some cameras in there next time!

(That picture was NOT taken at the Salon. But I swear, we’ll sneak some video and cameras in there next time.)

We mingled in the new space while curator JD Carter and I got our acts together, along with the excellent technical staff and bartenders– thank you, all. We got the show on the road with the Happy Hour Salon Theme Song. And then…

  • Ali Wong opened the performance slots — she, the stand-up comic with the “huge cult following” and the San Francisco sass. We were lucky to have her, as she herself informed us that she’s so busy she brushes her teeth while she poops.  I happened to notice certain people in the back snorting and pounding on the table during Ali’s how-to-pleasure-a-woman section– may no one at my Salon make bubble-blowing faces e’er again again. Check out
  • Monologuist James Braly got called cruelly back from his pre-show meditative preparation ritual– as I’d given him the wrong running order– and magnetized the audience quickly and powerfully with tonight’s story of  his job at the office of a Goebbels-loving motivational speaker.  James’ words of wisdom and chronicles of embarrassment are unparalleled, and you must get in on it early as he develops his new full-length monologue, “The Monthly Nut.”
  • I did a new piece of guitar comedy material that could get me in trouble someday, about a certain person who leaves posters all over the city decreeing that he will, in fact, teach you to play guitar. You know who I’m talking about. And if you’re out of town? I strongly believe there’s a Dan Smith in every city. There’s. Always. A Dan.
  • Singer-songwriter Julie Foldesi sang her face off. And brought in a the ghost of good friend, Salon regular, and “South Pacific” castmate Becca Ayers right off the bat with a song they wrote together– “Don’t go Searching.” She followed up with “Full of Grace” and ended her set with “This Part of Town”, the title song on her funky bluegrass CD you can find at  (Note to future Salon slot-owners: Three-song sets only available to singer-songwriters whose Ds above Cs make us weak in the knees.)
  • Robin Gelfenbien presented an excerpt from her Fringe 2008 hit “My Salvation Has a First Name” acting the scene of her father’s reaction to her heavy interest in a job driving the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, and her interview at the local Howard Johnson’s Fred MacMurray Conference Room. Haven’t we all been there, really? Hilarious and touching, and filled with song and dance!– see
  • Finally, singer/songwriter composer Jeremy Schonfeld whipped out a sheet of note paper to give the Salon its special new works-y edge, and blew us all away with the rich beauty and pulsing mood of a song from his piece in development with Daisy Prince. Fresh Hebrew lyrics, ladies and gentleman, have never been so rockin’. Check out 37 Notebooks, Jeremy’s material recorded by Broadway greats, at

That’s it! We’ll see you on April 27th, at the next Happy Hour Salon @ D-Lounge! And please do save some Monday performance love for “Reddy or Not: A Musical Comedy Tribute to Helen Reddy” on April 20th at the Connelly Theatre. 




The Happy Hour Salon’s new venue– next Salon 4-27-09

The Happy Hour Salon ran for over five years and now is back– we give away six ten-minutes slots to new works of different genres, and have taken over at D-Lounge the fourth Monday of every month at 7PM.  Broadway stars, stand-up comics, singer-songwriters and national journalists, among others, mix and mingle and work out developing pieces, and you with a beer and a grin…

D-Lounge is located at 101 East 15th Street, just off of Union Square.d-lounge1

Reddy or Not at the Connelly Theatre, April 20, 2009

April 20th— Lance Werth and Joanna Parson perform their hit “Reddy or Not: A Musical Comedy Tribute to Helen Reddy” at the Connelly Theatre, as a benefit for off-Broadway’s Drama Desk and Obie Award-winning Transport Group.  9:30PM, $19– tickets available at