The times are a-blogging

Hi, all! Those of you who have been glancing at my web site every now and then for years may notice that while this portion of the site used to contain all of my information, photos, videos, et cetera, I have a fancy new re-design for all that, and so I’m using this as more of a blog.

This is great news! It means I can 1) tell you about every gig, NYC and elsewhere; 2) tell you about all of my larger ongoing projects, like “Janet Any-Gal” Radio Mystery Theatre, and “Reddy or Not: A Musical Comedy Tribute to Helen Reddy”; and 3) give you more frequent, freewheeling-type thoughts and info. (For example: I just took a scuba class. It’s fun!)

So enjoy the redesign, and if you want to know what I’m doing, check this blog.

NEXT: December 9 at LaMama Galleria– “A Look Behind the Curtain,” a celebration of Discovering Oz, marketing consultancy wizards and good friends of mine. It’s a party with a designer art show and performances by myself, Betsy Bates and Reed Collins, Lynn Harris, The Peripherals/Talking Band.

Doors open at 7pm. Performances start at 8pm. Free!

Oh, and one more thing! My beautiful new redesign was done by the folks at vii-designs, Ryan Foy (design) and Nick Gaswirth (photography). Please patronize them, they’re wonderful. (And by patronize, I mean act as a patron. No need to say things like “Why, aren’t you articulate,” and “You know what the interweb is, don’t you?” They’re way past that. These boys are a dream.)