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I was thrilled to be part of’s radio podcast– Damon Jacobs and Roger Newcomb are hilarious, kind and knowledgeable. The site is for soap opera news, reviews, history and more. I talked to them about what it’s like to be part of the mighty under-five and extra team on soap operas (my experience has been with AS THE WORLD TURNS)– us working New York and Los Angeles actors who come in to say a line here or play a bit part there and support the storylines and characters you’ve known and loved forever.

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I brought my guitar along, and you can hear audio and see video of Damon, Roger and I making up a tune about Eric Braeden’s contract trouble with THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS; I also do some little snatches of a goodbye song to (my favorite) GUIDING LIGHT; and a wee bit of “When Cousins Marry”. And check out the rest of the site– these boys are in the thick of it and do a magnificent job.

June 16, June 19, and June 25, 2009– Joanna appears in “The Tale of the Good Whistleblower…”

Joanna plays Reverend Cindy/Singer in


The Tale of the Good Whistleblower of Chaillot’s Caucasian Mother and Her Other Children of a Lesser Marriage Chalk Circle
by Stan Richardson
directed by Jason Jacobs music by Rachel Peters
Cast: Sara E. Alvarez, Tim Cusick, Joanna Parson, Matt Steiner, Debbie Troche, and Brandon Uranowitz

Presented by the 2009 Antidepressant Festival at the Brick Theatre
Tues 16 – 8pm; Fri June 19 – 9:30pm; Thurs June 25 – 9:30pm.

June 29, 2009– Next Happy Hour [email protected], 7PM.

D-Lounge: 101 East 15th Street, just East of Union Square.

New works featured by artists of different genres:

Broadway actress and writer/lyricist Cheryl Stern.
Stand-up comic Eric Kirchberger.
From The Liar Show, storyteller Andy Christie.
Performing from his tell-all solo show “Talk Show Confidential,” television personality Bill Boggs.
From the beloved ukulele band The Moonlighters, Cindy Ball and Bliss Blood.

And Joanna performs with her accordion-wielding “Outcasts and Angels” co-star, Michael Hicks.

A really exciting line-up– see you there!

$10 plus two fully reasonable drinks buys you inspiration and titillation to last you through July. “Bowling for Dollars”

I went with and chatted with the actors and creators of TheATrainPlays when they raised money for an upcoming production by holding a Bowl-A-Thon. Edited by Kipley Wentz.