Joanna on “We Love Soaps TV” Indie Soap Awards Show February 1

Joanna will be comedically-and-musically pontificating on the world of indie soaps on February 1 with the gentleman from “” as they announce the first ever Indie Soap Awards, recognizing the world of independent soap opera production.


Her last appearance with the guys was fun and frolicsome, and she can’t wait to tell the tale of long ago appearing as Martha Byrne’s guitar-playing hands in that classic, much-beloved, international sensational music video… um… well, she forgets the name of the song. But boy, can that ATWT star sing!

You can vote on-line for the “Fans Choice” award at, and find out more about We Love Soaps and the February 1st podcast here:

“> Indie Soap beat

And see what went down when we took on Eric Braeden’s contract troubles the last time I was on the show.

Joanna and WeLoveSoaps – "All it Takes is Cash"

Joanna to star in “Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge” at the Gallery Players

Joanna will play Mrs. Bob in the Gallery Players’ production of Christopher Durang’s “Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge” from December 5th through December 20th.

Click here to buy “Mrs. Bob” tickets on-line

Stay tuned for pictures and details.

The Gallery Players is a beloved Brooklyn institution located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and has been producing original plays and recent Broadway and off-Broadway revivals since 1967.

From the Gallery Players’ description of the show:

In this departure from Dickens, young Scrooge’s exclamations of “Bah, humbug!” are an undiagnosed “kind of seasonal Tourette’s Syndrome,” and The Ghost of Christmas Past is played by a sassy African-American woman with enough attitude to portray all three spirits (which she does)… Mrs. Bob Cratchit, a minor character in the Dickens, takes center stage here. No longer loving and long suffering, Mrs. Bob is in a rage: She’s sick of Tiny Tim (the goody-goody crippled child), she hates her twenty other children (most of them confined to the root cellar), including oversized Little Nell, and she wants to get drunk and jump off London Bridge. As the Ghost loses more control, the plot morphs into parodies of Oliver Twist, “The Gift of the Magi” and It’s a Wonderful Life. And to make matters worse, Scrooge and Mrs. Bob seem to be kindred souls falling in love. With a dénouement that is two parts Touched by an Angel and one part The Queen of Mean, Scrooge’s tale of redemption and gentle grace is placed squarely on its head.

Joanna on “”

I was thrilled to be part of’s radio podcast– Damon Jacobs and Roger Newcomb are hilarious, kind and knowledgeable. The site is for soap opera news, reviews, history and more. I talked to them about what it’s like to be part of the mighty under-five and extra team on soap operas (my experience has been with AS THE WORLD TURNS)– us working New York and Los Angeles actors who come in to say a line here or play a bit part there and support the storylines and characters you’ve known and loved forever.

Click here to link to!

I brought my guitar along, and you can hear audio and see video of Damon, Roger and I making up a tune about Eric Braeden’s contract trouble with THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS; I also do some little snatches of a goodbye song to (my favorite) GUIDING LIGHT; and a wee bit of “When Cousins Marry”. And check out the rest of the site– these boys are in the thick of it and do a magnificent job.

June 16, June 19, and June 25, 2009– Joanna appears in “The Tale of the Good Whistleblower…”

Joanna plays Reverend Cindy/Singer in


The Tale of the Good Whistleblower of Chaillot’s Caucasian Mother and Her Other Children of a Lesser Marriage Chalk Circle
by Stan Richardson
directed by Jason Jacobs music by Rachel Peters
Cast: Sara E. Alvarez, Tim Cusick, Joanna Parson, Matt Steiner, Debbie Troche, and Brandon Uranowitz

Presented by the 2009 Antidepressant Festival at the Brick Theatre
Tues 16 – 8pm; Fri June 19 – 9:30pm; Thurs June 25 – 9:30pm.

June 29, 2009– Next Happy Hour [email protected], 7PM.

D-Lounge: 101 East 15th Street, just East of Union Square.

New works featured by artists of different genres:

Broadway actress and writer/lyricist Cheryl Stern.
Stand-up comic Eric Kirchberger.
From The Liar Show, storyteller Andy Christie.
Performing from his tell-all solo show “Talk Show Confidential,” television personality Bill Boggs.
From the beloved ukulele band The Moonlighters, Cindy Ball and Bliss Blood.

And Joanna performs with her accordion-wielding “Outcasts and Angels” co-star, Michael Hicks.

A really exciting line-up– see you there!

$10 plus two fully reasonable drinks buys you inspiration and titillation to last you through July.