Invincible Antichrist Victory

The silliest short film I've ever made

Silliest? or most IMPORTANT? You decide. Note: This was a challenge to some very bright filmmakers (Jay Stern, Meg Sweeney Lawless, Victor Varnado) to create a short film with a title suggested by an... Read more →



The secret's out-- I'm writing a novel.

Here’s the first blurb from my first novel. I promise plenty more info and pre-order links as soon as they’re available. And in case you’re wondering, this has been a crazy good time… Coming... Read more →


54 Below

Get Committed/able: Comedy Song Audition Coaching with Joanna Parson

The best comedy audition songs start with a committed point of view and end up just shy of the loony bin. If you’d like to punch up your existing comedy song auditions, or discover... Read more →