Elizabeth and Joanna are NOT HELPFUL: Pretty Songs and Feminine Harms -- UPDATE: JULY 7, 7pm

We wanted to make music together… RESERVATIONS AVAILABLE HERE We are Elizabeth Inghram and Joanna Parson. We’ve known each other for years as actresses and have long relied on each other for advice navigating our... Read more →


Reset Your Life: Growing Curls after Chemo

I wrote something for the fabulous web site,, and they made me their #resetambassador of the day. Check it out! Remember: we are all resilient as hell. I wish for you health and happiness... Read more →


Joanna's Character Comedy Reel - 2019

Nancy Pelosi, AOC, the Unobtrusive Subway Musician and more… this is my 5 minute reel of quick character comedy. Please enjoy!... Read more →